Esmart Ultra is a wireless online RFID locking system made for lockers that enable real-time multi device monitoring and remote control. The system gives the user full control and efficiency of the facility administration by providing full data management that include occupancy and battery status, audit trail, intrusion, and interruption alarm. Esmart Ultra connects via ZigBee, a transmission type more efficient than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and is designed specifically to co-exist with various technologies for smoother integration. The Esmart Ultra locks even guarantee protection in the event of a power or server malfunction by switching to a stand-alone mode so you're always operational.

Wireless Online RFID Locker Locks

ViAge Solutions – One Touch Online (ZP100WR)

One Touch Online (ZP100WR)

Wireless Esmart Ultra Locker Locks

Push Button Online (ZP200WR)

ViAge Solutions – Touch Screen Online (PT200)

Touch Screen Online (PT200)

ViAge Solutions – Wireless Online Locking System

RFID+PIN Online (PT300)


Wireless Online System

  • Simple installation with NO wiring. Easy fit and retrofit for a standard locker lock.
  • Flexible locker relocation.
  • Total protection in the event of server or power failure by automatically switching to standalone mode.
  • Wireless Online System Central control and monitoring through AP (access point).
  • Real-time monitoring of battery status, lock occupancy, alarm, and lock event history.

Central Control and Monitoring through the AP (access point)

  • Control complete or partial door opening/closing at the central server.
  • Remote card blocking or lock blocking.
  • Assign Lockers.

Robust Functions and Flexible Operation

  • Simple integration into other data systems (access control, cashless accounting, guest management etc.).
  • Various programming options: Free selection (single user for multi lockers) or assigned locker (multi users per single locker).
  • Automatic door opening at programmed time.
  • Ability to set time limitations on lock and user card.

Includes all features from Esmart Classic

  • Durable and enhanced design / waterproof.
  • Repetition from Wireless Online System.
  • Flexible and convenient operation.
  • Audit trail function.
  • Time based operation.
  • Wakeup less operation.
ViAge Esmart Lock Features Graphics

Wireless Online Configuration

ViAge Esmart Ultra – Wireless Online Configuration

Time Limit Operation

ViAge Esmart Classic Time Limit Operation
Standalone RFID Locker Locks Time Limit Operation

Shift Operation

ViAge Esmart Classic shift operation
Time-1 7:00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 7.00
Time-2 15:00 14.00 14.00 14.0014.00 14.00 15.00
Time-3 23:00 22.00 22.00 22.0022.00 22.00 23.00

Operation Scenario

Multi Locker & Multi User
ViAge Esmart Classic Operation Scenario 5


ViAge Esmart Classic operation scenario Graphics

Multi Lockers (Up to 5)

ViAge Esmart Classic operation scenario


ViAge Esmart Classic operation scenario 4

Multi User (Up to 8 Assigned mode only)

Locking Mechanism (Deadbolt/Spring Latch)

ViAge Esmart Classic deadbolt


ViAge Esmart Classic Spring Lach

Spring Latch


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