RFID Locks made for lockers

Smart RFID Locks designed for Lockers

Eliminate the hassles of lost mechanical keys. Maintaining traditional lockers can become expensive annually with locking mechanisms and keys being replaced on a regular basis. Meet the smart generation of RFID locks made for lockers. Our Esmart  RFID locks combine efficienct, robust, and flexible features with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.  Guests can enjoy the convenience of self registering their smartphone as a key to access their locks.

For new installations and upgrades to your locking system, choose Esmart RFID locks. Engineered to work on metal, wood, and laminate lockers and caseworks, our RFID locker locks can be easily retrofitted to existing caseworks for seamless drop in replacement with no wiring required.

RFID Locks

Why Choose Esmart RFID Locker Locks?

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Operational Cost Efficiency

Reduced administrative time and cost with the Lock Management Software. Functions of audit trail tracking and lock status check-up keeps you updated and provides full operational control over your system.

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Flexible Configuration

Programmed to work with Multi-User (many users assigned to one lock) and Multi-Locker (one user manages more than one locker) functions.

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Sync Smartphone with RFID Key

Patented technology for RFID key card synchronization with your smartphone. Self register via the app at your convenience.

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Unique User Experience

Convenience of using multiple credentials: Pin Pad, RFID card, Wristband, Key fob, and Smartphone as your locker key.

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Enhanced Security Algorithm

Protection by AES128 smartcard security algorithm.

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Rich Functions

Monitor occupancy, audit trail, battery status, breakdown alarm, and more with Esmart Ultra online locks.

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Self Registration via App

Once issued a locker key, users can sync their smartphone to the key card. Convenient registration via the app means no waiting in long lines at the front desk.

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Increased Customer Loyalty

Increased client membership and revenue.

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