The Importance of Age Verification Scanners in Nightclubs and Bars

The Importance of Age Verification Scanners in Nightclubs and Bars

Age verification scanners are a type of electronic device that can scan and read identity cards and driver's licenses so as to determine the age of an individual. These scanners can be availed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and categories.  Apart from verifying the authenticity of an ID card, these scanners can also store the data retrieved from these cards for future use. These are some of the reasons why businesses are now opting to install ID scanning devices. 

Why Nightclubs and Bars Need Age Verification Scanners?

Nightclubs and bars are just some of the businesses that sell age-restricted substances such as alcohol to its patrons. Therefore, these establishments must ensure that they do not accidentally serve underage patrons, who are still not allowed l legally buy alcohol and other substances like tobacco. 

If a bar or a nightclub accidentally sells alcoholic beverages to an underage customer, they risk losing their license and might have to face multiple lawsuits. The business might be shut down altogether if the authorities come to know that they have sold age-restricted substances to underage individuals.

Therefore, bars and nightclubs must do everything in their power to ensure that no underage persons can gain entry into their premises. Taking the necessary precautions in this regard will help them operate within the ambit of the law while also minimizing the risk of lawsuits, investigations, and earning a bad reputation in the market and among other customers. 

One of the best and most hassle-free ways of denying entry to underage individuals is to install an age verification scanner at the point of entry. This scanner will allow the bouncers to immediately and accurately determine the age of a potential customer. They can then prevent the entry of any underage persons trying to gain access to the bar or nightclub. 

Advantages of Age Verification Scanners in Nightclubs and Bars

Some of the key benefits that bars and nightclubs can derive from the installation of an age verification scanner at the point of entry have been listed below. 

Time: ID verification scanners can read an ID card or driver's license far more quickly than a person manually verifying each and every card. Because these scanners are faster and more efficient than manual ID verification, they help save a lot of time and prevent the formation of long queues outside the bar or nightclub. This, in turn, leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and greater profitability for the business.

Accuracy: To err is human, and manual ID verification is not always a hundred percent accurate. A professionally designed fake ID card can be very difficult to distinguish from the real thing. This makes the process prone to errors and misjudgments. 

Particularly when a person is pressed for time and surrounded by a flurry of noise and activity, it can be easy to mistake a well-made fake ID card for the real thing, thus allowing entry to underage customers. This problem can be easily solved with the installation of age verification scanners, which are always a hundred percent accurate, regardless of the situation. 

Cost: Manual ID verification can be quite expensive from the point of view of the nightclub or bar. This is because they would have to hire one or more trained personnel to verify the ID cards of customers at the point of entry. These staff members would need to be paid regular wages and other benefits. Furthermore, a replacement would have to be hired every time one person goes on vacation or changes jobs. 

On the other hand, age verification scanners are both affordable and durable. They are a one-time expense and can be used indefinitely after purchase. A high-quality ID scanner can work flawlessly for years without any need for repairs or replacement. Thus, age verification scanners are more cost-effective than manual ID verification. 

Data Storage: Not only can age verification scanners read an ID card and verify its authenticity, but these devices can also store the data encoded within the magnetic strip of the card for future use. This can help businesses such as bars and nightclubs better serve their customers by collecting relevant demographic data for marketing purposes. 

Moreover, this storage of data can also help alert the staff of a bar or restaurant if an individual banned from the premises is trying to enter the establishment. Alternatively, the staff members will also be alerted if a VIP is visiting the club, the moment their ID card is scanned. Then the staff can take the steps necessary to serve the visiting VIP or to prevent the entry of a banned individual.

In Conclusion

These are some of the reasons why nightclubs and bars should definitely invest in age verification scanners. These devices can help improve customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and the overall efficiency of the business as a whole. Moreover, they will ensure that the staff members do not accidentally serve alcohol or other age-restricted substances to underage patrons. This will help the business to operate within the ambit of the law and avoid any lawsuits or other associated hassles.

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Anna Collins
Jul 25, 2022

Thanks for letting us know that there are ID verification scanners that check ID cards or driver's licenses to see if they are authorized and legal to enter. I own a resto-bar, and I want to make sure no minors are hanging out late at night on my business premises. I'll have to look into other scan data options available for me to consider as well.

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