Since its foundation, CardCom is encouraging the advancement of new technology. Being a leading representative of this digital era, we provide Integrated Electronic Payment System that covers E-commerce, Auto-ID Products, Telecommunications , and Automatic Fare Collection.

Automatic ID Products

At CardCom Technology, we are committed to offering only standard Smart Card Readers, Magnetic Card Readers, Card Dispensers and Issuing Machines. You can get custom configuration including standard units alteration and manufacturing of innovative models for all OEM products to address the product specifications.

To combat the escalation of fake IDs, ID theft, and smoking or other addiction, CardCom Technology introduces an efficient solution for ID security the ViAge series. We have brought the CAV-2000 and CAV-3000 series covering the five sets of different functions to offer diversity in your ID security solutions. We have both high and low-end ViAge ID solution for you with vital features such as data capturing, quick and accurate reading, date of birth , and portability.

If you want to get POS scanning and ID verification together, the CAV-3200 is an ideal solution for malls and grocery stores. It is able to read RSS, UPC, UCC/EAN, and CS symbology, magnetic stripe, 1D & 2D barcode off of the state.

What if the Minor used a fake ID?

The law wants to see that an ID was asked for. You can have an iron clad defense if you use the ViAge to scan IDs and maintain documentation of the ID presented. Usually a licensee is only held liable for selling to a minor without asking for any ID. If an ID is asked for, and the ID is fake, then in most cases, no charges will be filed from either the police or from the ABC (Alcohol Control Board). The same applies to actual IDs that don't belong to the minor. However, if the fake or altered ID is obviously forged or the picture does not resemble the card holder at all, you can be charged as an offense. Contact your state and local law enforcement agencies to find out more.

Police stings are designed to catch businesses who sell to minors without carding.So it's very important that your clerks DO check the ages of IDs being presented. While most everyone takes precautions when checking identification, it takes only one slip, one small error and you can face severe penalties. The ViAge readers eliminate the error and documents the ID scan with a date/time stamp. Most businesses are getting smart about an ID checking policy that includes an electronic drivers license scanner. A small investment goes a long way in protecting your business and employees. The ViAge readers are plug and play and require no installations, contracts, maintenance and state format updates are free for the life of the product.