About Us

ViAge is manufactured by Cardcom Technology, a provider of hardware solutions for magnetic stripe and smart card applications. From electronic cash transactions, telecommunications, public transportation, and new and emerging applications, Cardcom offers hardware configurations to satisfy any set of requirements. The ViAge products are an example of Cardcom's commitment to innovation and quality and dedication to continuous improvement.

Our Goal

We welcome and appreciate new challenges. Our main aim is to build E-commerce industry cashless and powered by an advanced technology. Our sole concern is to satisfy all of your hardware requirements with effective smart card application, magnetic stripe, and barcode.








Did You Know?

Minors today easily acquire fake ID's and most fines resulting from sting operations are simply due to human error. The consequences of selling alcohol to Minors is often contemplated too late. What's worse than the time, effort, and tens of thousands of dollars spent in obtaining a liquor license is actually losing your license for selling alcohol to a Minor. The ViAge offers the most effective and easy ID scanning solution. MORE...