What is a Driver’s License Reader and Why Businesses Require It?

What is a Driver’s License Reader and Why Businesses Require It?

Businesses such as bars, nightclubs, and liquor stores sell age-restricted products and services. Alcohol, tobacco, vape, and marijuana, gambling are age restrictive products and services where retailers and businesses carry the burden to verify age and ID. And due to the proliferation of fake IDs and/or identity fraud, it’s simply smart business practice to use an ID scanner to scan the driver's license of the patron/customer. 

The Problem of Human Error

While it’s true that selling age-restricted products like alcohol to underage customers is unethical and illegal, many businesses inadvertently make such sales through human error or negligence by their employee. Such mistakes like math error, misreading the fine print on the driver's license card, and mistaking an older looking teen, who may pass as an adult.  

Many minors also acquire fake ID cards and driver's licenses in order to procure alcohol, tobacco, and other such products. It can be quite difficult for businesses to tell the difference between a fake ID or driver's license and a real one. This is particularly true when it comes to well-made forgeries and fake ID cards, which may look incredibly authentic to the naked eye. This is a major reason why businesses are increasingly relying on ID card scanners and driver's license readers to assist employees and documenting the transaction. These devices ensure that store clerks and managers do not accidentally sell an age-restricted product to a minor, which could lead to expensive lawsuits and other legal troubles.

Benefits of ID Scanners and Driver's License Readers

A high-quality driver's license scanner is far more accurate and reliable than visually checking the ID. Human beings can make mistakes, particularly when they are pressed for time and must check a large number of driver's licenses and ID cards within a short period of time. A well-made fake ID can also be hard to distinguish from a real one, particularly to the naked eye. 

Accuracy and Efficiency

For these reasons, businesses selling age-restricted products or services – such as liquor stores and nightclubs – must invest in ID scanning devices such as driver's license readers. These devices will protect a business’s investment and livelihood – their license. A drivers license scanner will provide the verification you need to proceed with a sale or entry quickly, error-free, hassle-free, and documented, thereby protecting your license and liability exposure.   

Good business practice means all employees are equipped with reliable ID scanners. 

Customer Satisfaction

As a consequence, customers are better served and more satisfied, as they do not have to form long queues at the entry doors waiting for the bouncer to manually verify each ID card. At liquor shops and supermarkets selling alcohol, the sales counter gets less crowded as the retail clerk can quickly verify the age of all buyers purchasing alcohol. 

Data storage is also another important benefit of driver's license readers that manual ID verification cannot provide. When a driver's license is swiped through this device, all the data stored within the magnetic stripe or barcode of the card is recorded by the driver's license reader. This information can be maintained for due diligence proof with a date/time stamp of the scan.

Banned and VIP Customers

Moreover, businesses such as bars and nightclubs can also place rowdy customers on a banned list. This will ensure that whenever such a person's driving license is scanned, the device will automatically alert the staff of their banned status.  This feature of driver's license readers can thus be used by business owners to keep their staff and customers safer.

Conversely, businesses can also store the information of VIP customers who are recognized as loyal customers and qualify for perks. 


In other words, it can be said that ID scanners or driver's license readers are a cost-effective way for businesses to protect their license, liability exposure, security, and improved methods for their staff, and faster service with customers. For the best results, however, businesses should purchase high-quality driver's license readers manufactured by reliable and trusted companies or brands. 

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Douglas Davenport
Jun 21, 2019

WHAT ABOUT PRIVACY CONCERNS???? What does a retailer do with this information. They are not a government agency. What rights, if any does the customer have to protect their item identity? This is big brother stuff!!!

01/10/2020, 07:51:35 PM

I thought providing information, proof of age was a law!!! But tracking my purchases, NOT! Something called privacy and business has to provide documentation, bill of rights!

03/23/2021, 08:14:38 PM

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