Age verification ID Scanner for 2D Barcode and Magnetic Stripe ID Cards with UPC Scanning

Model: CAV-3200-POS
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A dual UPC Scanner and ID Scanner for Age Verification at the point of sale.  Scans all driver’s license and identification cards in the U.S. and Canada and works with the Age prompt to display critical Age and ID detail on the LCD.Plug n Play implementation with select POS systems.Includes the compliance software.

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  • High performance – fast scan and accurate aim of ALL driver’s license and identification cards in the U.S and Canada
  • Scan product code
  • Plug and play implementation for Passport, and Topaz POS System
  • Instant verification with Age and ID information in clear bold display
  • Disable or Enable memory to record ID transactions with a date/time stamp
  • Displays "Expired" status along with an audio double beep alert
  • Stand-alone solution requires no internet, contracts or fees.
  • Quick credit card verification (no memory retained)
  • Free compliance software
  • Free ID firmware updates
  • Includes accessories: interface cables, power adaptor, and data manager software
  • STAND is optional and can be purchased under Bundle or as an Accessory


  • Compact & Stand alone
  • Plug and play out of the box
  • No User Training - One scan operation
  • User friendly LCD Display (Age/Expired status)
  • All inclusive – accessories and data manager software included
  • Free state ID updates
  • No contracts, fees or maintenance required
  • Technical Support and Service based in the U.S.

Compatible States:

All Driver’s License and Identification cards in the U.S. and Canada.


ViAge Solutions – Standard Screen FormatViAge Solutions ScreenViAge Age restricted item informationViAge Solutions – Credit Card Information

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