Simply verify age so you can go on with your job. While most businesses are careful about checking IDs, it takes just one error and you could face fines, legal fees, and even suspension of your license. So why take any more chances? Our ID scanners mitigate the risks of underage sales and false IDs and allow you to safeguard your business, get peace of mind, and comply with the law, all while making your job easier. Make our smart ID scanners a part of your ID checking policy today.

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ID Scanners

Why Viage ID Scanners?

ViAge ID Scanner System
Fast and Accurate scan

Reads all driver licenses in the U.S. and Canada. (2D barcode and magnetic stripe formats).

Compliance Reporting
Compliance Reporting

Memory can be disabled or enabled allowing you the flexibility to store ID data for due diligence proof. Our free software provides compliance reporting, VIP/Banned alerts, exporting, and more.

ViAge Solutions – Easy Scanner
Easy & Ergonomic

Scanners are compact, portable, dummy-proof, and operate stand alone with no set up or internet required. Use alone or with an optional mountable stand or carrying case.

ViAge Solutions – Scanner ID Icon
Easy Verification

Intuitive design, simple operation, and easy age view provides as the most essential tool for accurate ID checking. Simplify your job without the learning curve.

ViAge Value for Money ID Scanner Solution

Solutions come standard with accessories, free software and free ID updates. There are no complicated and expensive contracts, fees or maintenance required.

ViAge Solutions – ID Scanner Settings

Free product and software support. Technical support and service based in the U.S.

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