Secure Lockers and the Collaborative Workspace

Secure Lockers and the Collaborative Workspace

 E-smart Ultra Wireless Online Locking Solution

In a mobile world equipped with smart devices, it’s no surprise the demand for collaborative workspaces have grown dramatically in the U.S. and globally. In 2018, an estimated 2,188 co- working spaces were opened worldwide, of which 1,000 were in the U.S. alone. The way we work and share space has spread to traditional corporate office spaces, which is migrating to a more open space conducive to communication and lower overhead cost.

Co-working spaces allow the individual and start-up business the convenience of accessing the bigger cities, reduction in overhead costs by paying only for what you need, and the ability to start working immediately. Our idea of how and where to work is steadily being formed by millennial entrepreneurs that are building or joining startups.

With the growth of collaborative work spaces, you can bet secure lockers are required. Office space planners are incorporating lockers in the workplace, whereas before lockers were found mainly in schools and gyms. To fully maximize the potential of the collaborative workspace, lockers must be secure and also efficiently managed and controlled for temporarily assigned lock spaces. The E-smart lock RFID locker lock and management software trims the fat and eliminates the need for manual keys and added personnel. With smart control and remote monitoring, one administrator can assign locks at one or multiple facilities, observe live remote monitoring, and review and generate audit trail reports, thereby eliminating cumbersome ledgers and files.

Esmart Ultra is a wireless online RFID locking system made for lockers that enable real time multi-device monitoring and remote control. No more waiting to have your lock opened by the administrator due to lost keys or passwords. For added convenience, users can use their smartphone as a key for mobile access. The system gives the administrator full control of lock assignment and management to fit your requirements.

Collaborative workspaces are expected to grow dramatically. Why not secure personal storage with the E-smart online wireless RFID locker lock? Visit us today


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