Worried About Sting Operations? ID Scanners Can Help

Worried About Sting Operations? ID Scanners Can Help

It’s necessary to understand what your role as a business owner is in implementing a comprehensive ID checking strategy. ID scanners for liquor stores is a valuable tool to help employees detect expired IDs, potential fake IDs, provide the accurate age of your customer, and document the transaction. The majority of sting operation citations are due sloppy ID checking or failure to ask for an ID altogether. Also, the challenges and worry of accepting fake IDs is a growing concern. And during these pandemic times, ID checking is more complex as faces may be half covered with masks. Still, law enforcement agencies recommend an ID Scanner as one of the most effective tools in a comprehensive ID checking strategy. Read more to learn how to stay compliant with an ID Scanner.

Importance of Compliance

Age restriction for alcohol consumption has been set up to protect minors. However, underage kids will continue to find ways to obtain fake IDs and mislead liquor store owners.

ID scanners for a liquor store can help owners verify the age and expiration status of the customer’s ID instantly and accurately.

To avoid potential liability, many businesses including liquor store owners may get caught up trying to catch fake al IDs. However, ID theft happens at many levels and may not be realistic nor the goal to catch them all. State and local law enforcement recognize the sophistication of ID fraud and that using an ID Scanner is strategic tool to detect expired, underage, and suspicious ID cards. The most frequent occurrence for a citation involves simple human error. If an ID Scanner was used in checking IDs, it shows reasonable care is exercised and having a record of that scan provides further protection in court.

For this reason, ID scanners for liquor stores are an optimum choice. Not only is the Age and expiration status verified, the ID transaction is also documented instantly, reducing the time required in the ID checking process and documenting a business’s due diligence.

Checking Photo IDs In Times Of Pandemic

During these pandemic times, many or all customers are required to wear a mask. When customers are ready to check out, it can be tricky to verify the picture on the ID card matches a half covered face.

Here’s what you can do to check photo IDs:

  • Use an ID scanner for liquor stores  to instantly verify age and expiration status and document the transaction for security and liability protection.

  • Check the physical characteristics such as eye color and height match up to the person in front of you.

  • Inspect the ID card for anything out of the ordinary. For instance, thickness of the card, picture on the card is raised and not smooth, laminate peeling off, spelling of city or state may be wrong, and name and address on ID does not match to the ID scanner.

  • For out of state or international IDs, consult with an ID Checking booklet that covers U.S. and international IDs. Physical and security features may be noted that can be a great resource when you suspect a fake ID. Most kids guilty of having a fake ID will leave or reveal signs of nervousness at this stage. If you feel something is not right due to the uneasiness of the buyer, ask more questions about their identity, such as birth date, address, etc.

Types of Fraudulent IDs

There are many types of fake IDs that you may come across.

  1. Borrowed IDs: Borrowed IDs are the ones that minors take from a friend, sibling, or elder. You can find discrepancies in these types of IDs by comparing the photographic differences or ask them for their date of birth. The ID Scanner will show “EXPIRED” with a double beep to alert the user. Expired IDs that was most likely passed to the little brother or sister should never be accepted.

  2. Forged IDs: forged IDs are used to make a fake ID card. They typically present out of state ID cards hoping you are unfamiliar with them. An ID Scanner can scan the digital medium such as the 2D barcode or magnetic strip and assist the user in determining a suspicious ID card. Also, request a second form of ID such as a credit card. We found out accidentally that the ID Scanners by Viage will read and verify credit card data for fraud.

  3. Altered IDs: In place of fully forging the ID, minors also alter some details, such as the date of birth. The ID Scanner will display the true age – not the altered age.


It’s necessary to understand your responsibility as a business owner in implementing a comprehensive ID checking strategy. Train employees to always ask for ID and use a tool like an ID Scanner to prevent human error and catch potentially fake IDs. All states vary, but the majority of states require businesses to be subject to a “reasonable care” test rather than responsible for catching all fake IDs.  They recognize the sophistication of ID fraud and that using an ID Scanner is strategic to a smart ID Checking Policy that can eliminate the most common problem of human error. If your goal is to consistently pass sting operations, your arsenal should include a simple and reliable ID Scanner that will help your business stay in business.