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ID Scanners

Driver’s License Scanner

Safeguard your business. Find out how Viage ID Scanners provide retailers with the best affirmative defense against underage sales and fake IDs.

Why ViAge Scanners?

Complicated is not always better. ViAge ID Scanners redefine smart with its simple function, intuitive design, and dummy-proof operation. With over 20 years of proven success in the market, our ID Scanners continue to provide a simple way to verify your customer’s Age and ID without costly contracts or fees.

Our free data manager software allows easy access to transaction records and VIP/Banned alerts. And with free ID updates, you can work confidently knowing we have your product covered. It’s really that simple and affordable.

RFID Locker Locks

Meet the smart generation of locking solution which combines both RFID and PIN with innovative BLE mobile access technology.

ViAge Solutions – Locker Access Solution

Simply access your locker with a Smartphone

Eliminate the hassles of lost mechanical keys. Our smart RFID locks for your locker dramatically reduces operational cost while providing rich functions, enhanced security, and efficiency. Sync your RFID keys to your Smartphone, self register via the App, and create a unique user experience for increased client membership and revenue.

Installation is easy, no wiring required!

RFID Products