How Can ID Scanners Safeguard Your Liquor License?

How Can ID Scanners Safeguard Your Liquor License?

ID scanners have not only simplified an employees’ job, but also helps build a solid ID checking policy. Fake and altered IDs, employees poor at doing the math, and simple human error are no longer a threat to your business with an ID scanner. In this post, we take a look at the benefits of ID Scanners for improved security and protection of your license.

Keeping up with the law

Owning an establishment that allows restricted entry demands you keep up with the legal aspects. For instance, allowing an individual to drink in a bar or buy marijuana. Such a scenario calls for checking one’s proof of age and identification. While your employees can accomplish these tasks manually, investing in an ID Scanning device always helps. Here’s how:

  • Mitigating human errors – Equipping your security with ID scanners greatly reduces the chance of human error. While a human eye can overlook important details, a scanner does notice the small details. Searching for the date of birth and expiration date and calculating correctly against today’s date seems simple enough, but mistakes happen all too frequently. During the rush hour an ID Scanner will easily address the age verification and any expired IDs can be alerted with an EXPIRED message. Turning away customers with ID issues are simple and trouble free as well.

  • Warding away chaos and trouble – Bars and clubs are destined to witness embarrassing scenarios when a patron fails to control his drink. As an obvious consequence, chaos and trouble ensue. With an ID scanner, it’s possible to flag or tag that patron as a banned customer. Also, the customers scanned that night can be submitted to the police.

  • Detecting fake IDs–While the law is strong against underage drinking, there’s no shortage of fake IDs. Such occurrences can add extra headaches for a business. Legally, a business is not responsible nor is it possible to catch all fake IDs. However, they are expected to use careful or reasonable care when inspecting an ID. ID Scanners allow an extra layer of verification and documents the transaction to provide proof of your due diligence. If the employee relied on the scan and exam of the ID to be accepted as a valid ID, the presenter of the fake ID could be prosecuted for carrying a fake ID.

At the end of the day, it boils down to maintaining a good ID Checking Policy that works your employees’ job easier so they can get more accomplished. Passing sting operations every time means no more losses due to fines, legal fees, suspensions, and potential of losing your license.

Responsible ID Checking Compliance

Seldom do establishments realize how investing in an ID scanning system can eliminate the headaches of checking IDs. Verify the age and expiration of an ID instantly with the verification documented on your scanner. Usually a security incident will surface very soon after the incident. If that’s the case, the proof of the verification and your reliance on that fact to accept that patron as legal age, is enough to get out of sticky situations.

  •  A means to document ID checking compliance–With the help of an ID scanner, one can easily capture IDs scanned with date/time stamp for due diligence proof. With growing concerns over consumer privacy, ID transactions should be maintained for only a limited time and deleted so the businesses’ liability exposure and security concerns are addressed without requiring additional security to keep the stored ID data private. Many ID Scanning Apps and databases that store ID transactions on the cloud can raise red flags where security of that ID data is a concern.


An ID scanner can secure your business and your ability to stay in business. The right ID Scanner that offers simplicity in use and maintenance equals a solid ID checking policy. While an ID scanner is not a panacea for all your problems, the right scanner will assist your staff to more do their job easily and get more done, all while passing state sting operations.

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